Kiri EV FAQs

Common Questions and Troubleshooting

As with any electric vehicle, care should always be taken when washing. We suggest not using high pressure washers or spraying excessive water on the battery or connectors.

We suggest that having your product serviced at an authorized KIRI EV dealer. You can see our dealer network dealerships Or can us the KiriGo App to navigate to the closest dealer to you.

You can buy parts from our Kiri directly or from one of our dealers.

Anywhere there is a standard power socket, meaning you can charge at home, at work or in the city whenever you need to. Your battery is detachable and handy, hence, can be taken anywhere be it your home, office or shop.

Yes you can charge your battery no matter how much remaining capacity is left.

With the ordinary charger, it takes about 6 hours. With a fast charger, it takes 3-4 hours. Depends on the state of discharge, but around 4.5-5 hours if completely discharged.

It should be good for many years under normal usage., While Depending on how often you use it, some electric scooters can last up to 5 years without maintenance, on average it would be around 2-3 years. Your LFP battery has 2000 recharge cycles whereas a Li-ion battery has 1200 recharge cycles which means better life span and better warranty periods.

Please check the official Kiri EV website for a detailed schedule. The KiriGo App will also alert you when upcoming maintenance is required.