Another Deal Secured

Kiri EV Ltd has entered into several partnerships with components and technology suppliers in China for supply of spare parts and automotive electronic management systems (EMS). This includes control units, sensors, actuators, modules, body and 2- wheeled/4-wheeled car parts. With our strategic partners in the EV field, Kiri is able to attract talents from the leading universities in East Africa. This enables Kiri to continue leading the way in electric vehicle design and build.

Kiri EV Ltd is the first company to bring true electric bikes to Kenya, pioneering a new way of mobility. Its 100% eco-bikes are clean, safe, advanced and affordable with minimal maintenance required. Its products deliver long-term cost savings while improving quality of life and the environment. Kiri EV produces several models of electric bikes. It has a wide variety of products, ranging from 2-wheelers to 4- wheelers.